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ENGL 1030: Composition & Rhetoric

This guide will help students enrolled in ENGL 1030 find resources to complete the major assignments

Social Discourse Help

Flowchart of Possible Sources

  1. Use all types of sources to learn background information on your topic/issue and make note of new vocabulary words to help you search for more background information about your topic.
  2. Use primary sources such newspapers, such as the student newspaper, find other local newspapers to see if you can find any relevant articles or check out Special Collections and Archives. 
  3. Search for your topic in Clemson University publications. Sometimes searching the website can provide helpful blog posts or announcements. 
  4. Your topic/issue may be something that is present in other locations and institutions, so you can search in the library databases to see if there are any publications that discuss your topic with social or cultural narratives on a larger scale. 

Finding Relevant Sources for Broader Narratives and Social Discourse

You may want to start with local resources (newspapers, university publications, search in Google) to see what is being said about your topic locally. To better understand how it relates to a broader social discourse, you may have to use a broader search in databases, etc.

List of South Carolina Newspapers
View a list of the newspapers of South Carolina.
News and Current Issues - Newspapers & More Guide
Get access to national and local newspapers and other current issues resources.
The Greenville News
Get access to The Greenville News.
The Tiger (1907-2019)
Use the search box on the top left side to search for a particular word. It may take a minute for the results to load. Use control + F or command + F (find function) to locate your topic within the paper.
The Tiger (2005-Current)
Current issues online & searchable since 2005. When you go to "Print Archive," use the search box on the top left side to search for a particular word. It may take a minute for the results to load. Use control + F or command + F (find function) to locate your topic within the paper.
US Major Dailies
Full-text articles from Los Angeles Times, New York Times, New York Times Book Review, New York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal (eastern edition), Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune; dates vary by newspaper.
Lexis Uni (formerly Nexis Lexis)
News, business, law, and general reference.
Chronicling America
Newspaper pages for selected states; 1880-1922. Use the drop down boxes to filter by state and publication year.
Clemson University Yearbooks
Use the search box on the top left side to search for a particular word or phrase. Results will take a minute to load.
Undergraduate Announcements
Announcements have been online since 2000. Older editions under various titles in Special Collections.
Graduate Announcements
Online since 2004; earlier editions in Special Collections.
Clemson University Interactive Fact Book
Clemson University by the numbers: student head count, FTEs, majors, degrees awarded, employee data, class size, & more.
FindIt at Clemson Libraries Search Tool
Search for books, ebooks, articles, and more with this search tool.
Academic Search Complete Database (General Database)
As a general database, has newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal articles and more on various subjects. Select "Choose Databases" at the top of the search boxes to select additional databases to search.
JSTOR Database
Database of scholarly journal articles, with particularly strong collections in the humanities and social sciences.
Issues and Controversies
Browse by topic or search for an area of interest. To see the in-depth pro/con write ups, limit your search results to "articles.".
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Articles exploring different sides of major social issues.
Google Scholar
Search for articles, books, and grey literature. Use AND, OR, and the minus sign (-) to limit results.
A-Z Databases
Listing of all of the databases Clemson Libraries subscribes to.

Clemson Landmark/Objects

Learn more about your Clemson University landmark/object by finding images or photographs of it.

Use quotation marks around your object/landmark ("Cooper Library") to see if any digital content exists for you to learn more about your landmark/object.