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Real Estate Development: Find Journals

Research & instructional support for Clemson University's MRED program in Greenville, SC

Peer-Reviewed Real Estate/Development Journals

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See also LandscapePlanning, Business, and Architecture journals.

Distinguishing Scholarly Materials from
Trade/Professional Literature

Scholarly articles:

  • Written by and for researchers and professionals 
  • Contain research projects, methodology, and/or theory  
  • Generally subject to peer review 
  • Well-documented; i.e., information incorporated or referred to from other sources is properly attributed and cited
  • Articles in them generally have extensive bibliographies

Trade/Professional publications:

  • Published for/read by members of a particular trade or profession. 
  • Provide news and information about projects, fresh ideas, and changing circumstances in the profession.   
  • Contain advertisements -- and job ads!
  • Increasingly available for free online. 

Trade/Professional Periodicals