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Historic Preservation: Key to Architecture Call Numbers

Resources in support of the Clemson University/College of Charleston joint Master's and Certificate programs in Historic Preservation

Find Architects by Country

Country Classification
Austria NA 1011.5
Australia NA 1605
Belgium NA 1173
Brazil NA 859
Bulgaria NA 1393
Canada NA 749
China NA 1549
Cuba NA 805
Czechoslovakia     NA 1034.5
Denmark NA 1223
Egypt NA 1585
Finland NA 1455.F53
Flanders NA 1173
France NA 1053
Germany NA 1088
Great Britain NA 997
Greece NA 1103
Hungary NA 1022.5
Iceland NA 1253
India NA 1510
Israel NA 1479
Italy NA 1123
Japan NA 1559
Mexico NA 759
Netherlands NA 1153
New Zealand NA 1608
Norway NA 1273
Poland NA 1455.P63
Russia NA 1197
Romania NA 1433
South Africa NA 1595
Soviet Union NA 1197-1199
Spain NA 1313
Sweden NA 1293
Switzerland NA 1353
Turkey NA 1373
United States     NA 737
Yugoslavia NA 1453

Architecture = NA!

Architecture-related materials are classed primarily in the NA section of the library. Other relevant call number ranges: TH (building and construction), NC (drawing and graphic arts), NK (interior architecture and design), GN (vernacular architecture), E-F (U.S. history, historic preservation), HT (city planning), KF (architecture and law), LB (buildings for education), RA (hospital design), etc.  

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Architecture by Subject Classification
Airports NA 6300-6307
Ancient and Classical NA 210-349
Apartment Houses. Flats NA 7860
Architects, U.S.(includes firms) NA 737
Architectural Congresses NA 21
Architectural Decoration (by time period, countries, specific elements) NA 3310-4050 
Architectural Design NA 2750-2794 
Architectural Details (by specific items, e.g., stairs) NA 2835-3079 
Architectural Details, Motives, Decoration NA 2810-4050 
Architectural Drawing & Design NA 2695-2794
Architectural Practice, Business NA 1996
Architectural Societies, Organizations NA 10-20
Architecture and Law NA 135-150; see also KF 902
Architecture and the State NA 100-198
Architecture and the Handicapped NA 2545 
Architecture as a Profession NA 1995
Architecture, General (including most journals) NA 1-60
Architecture Museums / Exhibitions NA 2400-2460 
Architecture of Special Countries NA 701-1613 
Architecture Registration Exam prep NA 123
Architecture Schools NA 2300
Architecture, Study and Teaching NA 2000-2320
Architecture, U.S.  NA 705-729
Architecture, U.S., by City NA 735
Architecture, U.S., by State NA 730
Baroque, Rococo NA 590-599
Biographies, Collectives, and Directories NA 40-60
Building Codes, South Carolina KFS 2258-2259
Building Codes, U.S. KF 5701; TH 223
Buildings, by Form, e.g., basilicas NA 6700-7010
Buildings, by Material, e.g., wood, masonry NA 4100-4145
Buildings, by Use, e.g., public buildings NA 4170-8480
Business Management for Architects NA 1996 
Byzantine NA 370s
Churches. Religious Architecture, by country NA 5210-6113
Churches. Religious Architecture, by religion, building type NA 4590-5621
City Planning/Urban Design NA 9000-9430; see also HT 
Climate and Architecture NA 2541-2542
Collected Writings NA 25-30
Collections of Plans and Designs (divided by country) NA 7126
Collections of Plans, Architectural Sketchbooks NA 2600-2635 
Color in Architecture NA 2795 
Commercial Buildings (divided by building type) NA 6210-6289 
Competitions NA 2335-2399 
Composition, Proportions, Plans, Elevations NA 2760-2775 
Construction TH
Criticism NA 2599.5-2599.9
Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Glossaries NA 31
Domestic Architecture by Country NA 7210-7476 
Domestic Architecture, Houses, Dwellings NA 7100-7880 
Drawing (Technique) NA 2707-NA2708;  see also NC 730s; T 369
Drawings NA 2700-2749
Early Christian NA 360s
Educational Buildings NA 6590-6610  see also LB
18th Century NA 625-644
Examination & Licensing of Architects NA 123
Exhibitions NA 2440-2469 
Farm Architecture NA 8200-8260
Gothic NA 440-489, NA 610-619
Health Facilities Design RA 967
Historic Preservation NA 105, E 159
History NA 190-1613
History, General Works NA 7100-7114
Hospital Design RA 967
Hotels, Inns, Restaurants NA 7800-7850
House Plans NA 7110-7115
Houses NA 7100-7884; see also GT 165; NA 9051; TH 4805
Housing NA 7550-7559
Housing for Seniors, Youth, Disabled NA 7195
Industrial Architecture (by building type) NA 6400-6589
International practice NA 4180-4183
Islamic NA 380s
Landscape Architecture SBs
Library Design Z679
Mausoleums, Cemeteries, Monuments NA 6115-6199
Medieval NA 350-489
Military NA 490
Minor Buildings, Gates, Fences, etc. NA 8300-8480
Models & Modeling NA 2790
Modern NA 500-699
Museums, Exhibition Buildings NA 6700 
National, State, Municipal (divided by building type) NA 4195-4589 
Neoclassicism NA 600-609
19th Century NA 645-679
Norman NA 420
Office Buildings NA 6230 
Orders of Architecture NA 2810-2817 
Periodicals & Yearbooks NA 1-9
Public Buildings NA 4170-7010
Religious Architecture of Special Countries NA 5210-6113
Religious Buildings (by religion, subdivided by building type) NA 4590-5095
Renaissance NA 510-589
Rendering in Color, Pen & Ink NA 2780
Restaurants, Clubs, Bars NA 7851-7859
Romanesque NA 390-419
School Buildings NA 6590-6610;  see also LB
Shopping Centers NA 6218
Site Planning NA 2540.5; see also SB 472
Storefronts NA 6225
Study and Teaching NA 2000-2320
Theory, Comprehensive Works, Outlines NA 2500-2599 
20th Century NA 680-699
Urban Design NA 9000-9199; HT 166-167
Vernacular architecture NA 208, NA 705 (search also by building type,
culture, period, location, material);
see also GN414, GR, GT 170-225


Villas (divided by countries) NA 7580-7599
Women as Architects NA 1997 top


Adapted and expanded from resources compiled by Deborarh Thompson-Wise (UTK), Elizabeth Byrne (UCB), and Jeanne Brown (UNLV).

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