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Citation Searching Using Web of Knowledge

Web of Science allows you to look for more current articles that cite an older paper you've already found. If you have a perfectly relevant piece of research from 2001, articles that have that paper in their bibliographies are likely to be more recent updates about the same topic. Here's how you do it:

  1. On the opening Web of Science search page, change Basic Search to Cited Reference Search above the search box
  2. Enter the name of the author of your article as shown, always with the asterisk! If the last name is a common one and the author uses his or her middle initial, you should include it: Switzer F* or Britt TW*
  3. Fill in the Cited Year - the year the article that you found was published - and click Search
  4. Look for the Cited Work that matches the journal title you have and the page number, if there is more than one. Click on View Record next to the correct article**.
  5. Click on the number next to Times Cited to bring up links to all of the articles that have that paper in their bibliographies. Now you can jump back and forth from citation to citation.

**If the correct Cited Work listing does not have a View Record link, then click the Select box next to the author's name for that listing. Then click on the Finish Search button. That will bring up all of the articles that cite that original paper

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