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Psychological Abstracts

PsycINFO is the digital version of Psychological Abstracts, a publication that has been authored by the American Psychological Association since 1927. The APA printed the abstract of every paper published in psychology in a yearly book. It then became monthly, then bi-weekly. Researchers had to look up their subjects in the indexes of this book and track down each abstract in the monthly volumes to do scholarly research until the database became widely available on CD-ROM and then the internet. 


Other relevant databases from EBSCO that can be simultaneously searched with PsycINFO

On the PsycINFO search page, click Choose Databases just above the search boxes. This will open a window where you can choose from over 100 databases that the Libraries purchase through EBSCO. Check next to one or several and click  OK;  you can then search them simultaneously with PsycINFO. (Or you can go directly to the EBSCO Multi-Database Search page and select your databases there.) The most relevant for psychology researchers include: