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Librarian as Teacher

Tools for Live Online Sessions

Tools for Video Creation

LMS Integration

To have yourself added as a librarian in the course, please contact Rodger Bishop for information regarding  adding Library Support to Canvas courses.

Embedded Library Support

A librarian can be added to Canvas courses with the assigned Librarian role to help students with research and answer questions quickly.  An “Ask the Librarian” discussion board is monitored by the librarian and allows students to share questions and see responses given to their classmates.

For more information about the role: 

To add your custom LibGuide to a course, ask the faculty member for their course code. Here are instructions for them to find the code:

I don’t know my course code(s)

  1. From the course navigation menu in Canvas, select Settings (probably the last link)
  2. If you are not in Course Details, select that from the top navigation menu
  3. The course code is the third item on the page. Select the entire field, copy, and paste it for your librarian.