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Librarian as Teacher

What is the role of the Library Curriculum Committee?

A Library Curriculum Committee shall serve as liaison between the library faculty and the University Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees. The LCC shall consist of three regular faculty members, separately elected from the library faculty at large. The Library Instruction Coordinator shall also serve on this committee as a nonvoting, ex-officio member, creating a total membership of four. The term of office for elected members is for three years in rotation. A member becomes chair for a year in the second year of service on the committee. It shall be the responsibility of Library Curriculum Committee members to report in writing any new degree programs or other relevant information promptly to the Information Access Committee and the appropriate departmental liaisons/selectors. Prompt notice also shall be given to the appropriate departmental liaisons/selectors of course additions and deletions. The Library Curriculum Committee shall also develop and review proposals for courses designated as library courses, and recommend approved library courses to the appropriate University curriculum committee for final consideration and approval.

Library Faculty Guidelines, July 2020