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The Economist SPECIAL REPORTS: Online

The Economist Logo, white lettering with red backgroudBefore getting started... 

Accessing SPECIAL REPORTS in The Economist requires a paid subscription! Fortunately, Clemson Libraries has a multi-step solution. 

Note: The following steps will guide you from The Economist website to the library catalog, and finally to a database. Although less than ideal, these steps will ensure you find the SPECIAL REPORT you need without experiencing a paywall. 

Step ONE: Browsing Special Reports, The Economist 

Special Reports homepage .gif

  1. Start on the Special Reports section of The Economist 
  2. Scroll down to browse Special Reports by publication year and click "Read report" when you find an interesting topic
  3. On the next page, the individual reports are listed below the header with arrows indicating each individual report. Click the one you'd like to preview.
  4. You will only be able to preview a few sentences of the report before being prompted to log in or subscribe; instead, note the edition date (top-left) and the title before moving on to the next step (to be used later).

Step TWO: Accessing a Special Report through Clemson

  1. Access the Clemson Libraries online subscription to The Economist
  2. Scroll down to "View Online" and click either Business Insights: Essentials or Gale Academic OneFile
  3. On the next page, enter your Clemson username and password to continue

Step THREE: Finding the Special Report, Full-text

Full-text coverage menu screenshot

  1. From the drop-down menu beneath "Full-text coverage," select the year for your chosen report. 
  2. Choose the date of your report from the list of available options. 
  3. Scroll or use the search box to find the report from the list of results.

WARNING: Some articles may have different titles from those found in step one. If you can't find the exact title, refer to the first sentence of the original special report (found in step one) and compare with the sentence below the title link of each result. 

Step FOUR: Saving Full-Text Special Report as PDF

Business Insights: Essentials Gale Academic OneFile

  1. Click the "Print Preview" button at the top of the report
  2. In the print dialog box, select "Save as PDF" in the Destination drop-down menu
  3. Click "Save," save to your desired location 

  1. Click the "Download" link at the top of the report
  2. Open the file using Adobe Acrobat
  3. Save to your desired location

The Economist SPECIAL REPORTS: Print

  1. Find The Economist on the first floor of Cooper Library at HG11 .E1.
  2. The volumes are located on the shelves to the right after you exit the stairs. 
  3. Browse through the volumes and issues from 2010 forward. 
  4. Choose a volume and look at the table of contents for an issue (there are several issues in each volume). If an issue has a special report, it will tell you what page it starts after. The special reports have their own numbers located somewhere in the middle of an issue.

The Economist Online

Here are the steps to find articles online in The Economist:

1. Go to the Economist using Clemson Library's subscription: Economist (London)

2. For current issues from 2017 to the present, click on Gale Academic OneFile. For archive issues from 1843-2016 click on the Economist Historical Archive.

3. Choose a year, month and day to browse an issue or type a keyword/topic in the search box to search all content.