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This guide will help you find resources related to management research. If you have any questions or need additional help, please don't hesitate to contact Meredith Futral, Business Librarian, at

Key Management Article Databases

More Article Databases

Business News

Harvard Business Review

The Business Source Complete database includes every volume of Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine back to the first issue published in 1922.

Finding HBR Articles

  1. Click here to access our online subscription to the Harvard Business Review
  2. Under the "View Online" heading, click on EBSCOHost Business Source Complete
  3. Use the database interface to search. You have two options:
    • Use the "Search within this publication" link (top left) to search for the article title or use topic keywords
    • Use the years/volumes/issues menu on the right to drill down to a specific issue


  • The publisher offers limited, read-only access to the 500 most popular articles in HBR.
  • The PDF of these 500 articles cannot be printed, downloaded or saved.
  • You can only access these articles using the steps above and read them online within the database for personal research.
  • Articles outside of the 500 can be printed, downloaded or saved.

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