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Publications and Resources: Blended Synchronous, HyFlex, Blended Learning

Research Articles and Books

Abdelmalak, M. M. M., & Parra, J. L. (2016). Expanding learning opportunities for graduate students with HyFlex course design. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 6(4), 19–37.

Beatty, B. (2020) Hybrid-Flexible Course Design: Implementing student-directed hybrid classes (book, in progress?)  


Beatty B. (2012). Hyflex course design: The advantages of letting students choose the blend. Retrieved from

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Moving Beyond the Blended Instructional Model. Issues and Trends in Learning Technologies, 1(1).


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Talbert, R. (2020). Research report: Experiencing the hyflex model. 

Robert Talbert, breakdowns of research papers on hyflex on blog, starting with a study done with a small class at University of Nebraska - Kearney:



David Rhoads will have a chapter in one of his books in the coming months. On Thursday, May 14,  New Teaching in Higher Ed podcast episode where I interview David Rhoads about Hyflex. (link goes live 05/14/20 at 5:00 AM PT)


EDUCAUSE (2010) “Seven things you should know about the HyFlex course model”


Lieberman, M. (2018) Introducing a New(-ish) Learning Mode: Blendflex/Hyflex. Inside HigherEd. 

Inside Higher Ed article on “blendflex” (=hyflex) from 2018:


Hyflex implementation at Peirce College:


What To Expect in a HyFlex Course: A Faculty Handbook . (2017) Texas A&M University


Hyflex (HELIX) Implementation at Harvard Division of Continuing Education:


Maloney, E.  and J. Kim (2020). Fall Scenario #13: A HyFlex Model: The challenge of flexibility.

May 10.