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BIOL 4930 Senior Seminar, Current Topics in Biology

Tutorial on Conducting a Literature Review

Looking for guidance on how to conduct a literature review?  Check out this tutorial that includes modules on how to formulate a question, gather and evaluate your sources, interpret your findings, and write an effective literature review.

NOTE:  After clicking the link to open the tutorial, be sure to click on "+ Join the Course" in Canvas so you can participate fully in the tutorial.

Assigned Journals/Blogs for BIOL 4930 Assignments

NOTE:  Access to 1990-2015 Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Biological Sciences is also available through JSTOR Life Sciences.




NOTE:  Access to 1975-2013 Paleobiology is also available through JSTOR Life Sciences and 2002-present in SciTech Premium Collection



Key Article Databases