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Voting and Elections

How to Register to Vote

Check Voter Registration Deadlines

Go to the Campus Vote Project’s website for state-specific information for all U.S. states. You can find out registration deadlines, along with information on absentee ballots, vote-by-mail, voting early, online registration, and more. 

Choose Where to Register

College students have a choice about where to register to vote. You may register at your campus address OR your permanent or home address. You may only be registered and vote in one location.

Step 1: Go to Campus Vote Project and select the state where you want to register to vote.

Step 2: Click on the state’s voter registration website. Some states may allow you to register online and others will require you to use a form. 

Registering Online in South Carolina: You must have a valid South Carolina driver’s license or state ID number (this would require that you have changed your permanent address to your South Carolina residence)

Registering by Voter Registration Form in South Carolina: South Carolina’s voter registration form asks for your full Social Security number and address (you CAN use your campus address if you live on-campus)

Step 3: When registering, you will need to enter your full name, date of birth, your street address, and other information.

Step 4: Submit your voter registration information before the deadline! 

Other good sites with information you can trust: