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Communication: Search Terms

Search terms

These are terms you can use in the library catalog and in databases to focus your search results to a specific area of communication.  Try searching them in the subject field of databases and the library catalog:

  • Business:  communication in business, communication in organizations
  • Gender:  gender, men, women, sex differences
  • Health:  communication in medicine, health risk communication
  • Intercultural:  communication and culture, communication international, cross-cultural, intercultural communication
  • Interpersonal:  communication in family/families, communication in marriage, friendship, interpersonal communication, interpersonal relations, self disclosure, small groups
  • Mass Media:  journalism, mass media, motion picture, newspapers, press, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting
  • Nonverbal:  body language, expression, eye contact, facial expression, gaze, gesture, nonverbal communication, visual communication, touch
  • Oral communication : conversation, debate, debating, oral communication, oratory, public speaking, rhetoric, speech
  • Politics : campaign debates, communication in politics, political oratory, propaganda, public relations
  • Small group : group problem solving, intergroup relations, social conflict
  • Sports : communication in sports, mass media and sports, sports spectators, television broadcasting of sports
  • Technology : cell phones, computer networks, digital communications, human-computer interaction, information technology, internet, interactive multimedia, social media, wireless communication systems, world wide web