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Key Databases for Speech Topics

SMLC @ Cooper 5th Floor

Social Media Listening Center

The SMLC asks you to Contact them directly to get more information or to find out about training and collaborations; Undergraduate & Graduate Internships are also usually available.

Scholar's Lab @ Cooper 4th Floor

Contact: Coming Soon! Data Services Librarian


for general inquiries

COMM 3250 - Survey of Sports Communication (Harrison)

Learn about evaluating resources - CRAP Test

APA General Format - 7th edition via OWL Purdue

See the complete libguide for COMM 3250 - Survey of Sports Communication (Harrison)

Library Student Resources via Canvas

See the library Student Resources page that is also listed via Canvas.

Library Quick Links

ask a librarian

Clemson University History

Students in COMM 2011, COMM 1500, & COMM 2500

See video: "Finding Speech Topics" (1:31) at Cooper Library.

See video: "Defining the Literature Review" (3:11) via ECU & NC State University Libraries.

See ebook: "Conducting Research Literature Reviews: From the Internet to Paper"

Use Issues & Controversies or Opposing Viewpoints in Context for "pro-con"s. For stand-along articles on major issues summarized in key court cases, use Issues & Controversies Court Cases. Consult for more viewpoints.

Reserve 201A Cooper Library (on the 2nd floor near the elevators) to rehearse presentations.

Reserve more study spaces at Cooper and other buildings

Use the Communication Center at 216 Watt Family Innovation Center  to get help with speech writing and the rehearsal process.

Adobe Digital Studio/Makerspace

See the Adobe Digital Studio & Makerspace  5th floor at Cooper Library.

More information is here.

Reserve the video and audio studios for production.

See more information on the Clemson University Makerspace at the 5th floor  Cooper Library Adobe Studio & Makerspace and at Watt Makerspace.

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APA Style/Associated Press Guides