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Art & Art History: Journals & Magazines

Resources in support of Clemson's studio arts degree programs and General Education art/architecture survey courses

Featured Journals

Additional Journal Resources

How to locate a journal or magazine of interest

Several ways to search efficiently: Best bet: scan the list to the right! But if you have to search...
  • If you know the title or one or more key title words
    • Use the 'Find Journals' link on the Libraries homepage. You can also browse 'Journals by Category' from this page.
    • You can also enter the actual title in quotation marks in Basic Search ["art documentation"], then limit your results to Journals as a "Material type" OR
    • Use the Title filter "is exact" in Advanced Search combined with Journals as "Material type" OR
    • Use the Title filter "contains" in Advanced Search (if you're certain of a keyword or two) and limit to Journals as "Material type".
  • If you don't have a specific title in mind
    • Using Advanced Search, limit the "Material type" to Journals (this retrieves journals, magazines, all types of periodic publications) and select Subject from the dropdown filters menu to the left of the search box.
    • Subject searches are powerful but general : Photography, printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramics, art--history or art--historiography
    • For greater precision, use two search lines to combine a subject search with a keyword: Subject: photography AND Keyword: contemporary OR modern