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Faculty Development

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As faculty matriculate through the early, mid and late career stages they will need to increase their  knowledge, acquire new skills and shift their professional focus.  To identify which career stage you are in, the following definitions may be helpful.

  • Early career: faculty who have not yet finished their probationary years of employment

  • Mid career: between the end of probationary years and 7-10 yrs prior to retirement

  • Late career: less than 7-10 years before retirement

The Clemson Libraries have partnered with the Office of Faculty ADVANCEment to support faculty success and to provide resources and tools to faculty at all stages. This guide incorporates some of the resources and services you may want to utilize as you develop your individualized  professional development plans to meet your unique career goals.

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Early Career Faculty Experience

Mid-Career Faculty Experience

Late Career Faculty & Beyond

Leadership & Management

Teaching Effectiveness

Productivity & Time Management

Writing, Publishing, & Presenting

Creative & Critical Thinking


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