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Electronic Books and Resources at Clemson University Libraries


General questions about ebooks can be directed to our Ask a Librarian service. Subject Librarians are available to answer questions about specific ebooks.

eBooks at Clemson University

We subscribe to a variety of eBook collections so you can access, read, and use all types of resources that we may not have in print. To access our eBook collection subscriptions from off-campus, you will need to provide your Clemson University ID and password.

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Open Access and Free eBook Collections

These are some ebook websites that are free to anyone. ​We do not endorse any of the vendors, but have provided this list for your benefit.

General eBook Collections

This is a non-exhaustive list of eBook collections to which Clemson University subscribes. A Clemson Username and Password are required to access these sites from off campus

Quick Reference Guide

Our ebooks come from several different companies and often have digital rights management (DRM) protection, so the process for accessing and downloading them can sometimes be… a bit complicated. Below is an outline to help you get the ebook you want as quickly and easily as possible.

You found an ebook that you want to…

read online.

You might have to log in with your Clemson credentials but are otherwise ready to read! Note that any highlights or notes you make may disappear when you close your session, especially if you have not logged in anywhere.

save for later.

In Ebook Central, sign in with your Clemson credentials to access your Bookshelf, where you can find recently viewed, annotated, and saved books.

In EBSCO, log in with your My EBSCOhost account – it’s free, quick, and easy to create.

If you’re on a…

laptop or desktop computer, you need:

  • Adobe Digital Editions installed
  • an Adobe ID to authorize it

mobile device or e-reader, you need:

  • the Bluefire Reader app installed
  • an Adobe ID to authorize it

Good to Know

  • If you've installed Adobe Creative Cloud software, you already have an Adobe ID.
  • If Adobe offers the option to log in with an enterprise ID, you can choose that and enter your usual Clemson username and password instead.
  • Within an Ebook Central book, click the book icon (Book Details tab) to display your allowances – how many more pages you can view, print, and/or download.

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Reference eBooks

Information about DRM

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a broad term covering many technologies that limit what you can do with a digital file.  Some examples of DRM could include limiting the number of pages that can be printed from an article, requiring special software to open an ebook, or requiring a person to create an account before downloading a file.

While we make every effort to add ebooks from vendors with little or no DRM-enabled titles, this is not always possible.  DRM is a controversial topic with information publishers generally wanting more control offered by DRM solutions.   The people using the information in every day situations generally want less DRM to allow them the freedom to use information in ways of their own choosing.

More information about DRM solutions is available on How Stuff Works (opens in new window).