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COMM 1500 & 2500: Databases

Suggested Databases

Databases A-Z

For both specific contexts (business, medicine, engineering, etc.) and multi-subject databases, see the entire list of article Databases A-Z.

Database Search Tips

1. Use simple terms

Use short, simple words or phrases. Don't type in your entire topic as one sentence.

Example: If you're writing about "the importance of peer relationships in the developmental stage of middle childhood," search only the key words/phrases: peer relationships and development and childhood.

2. Use search symbols (Boolean)

or = expand your search by including different forms of a word. Examples: Stocks or bonds. Cats or felines.

" " = search for a specific phrase. Example: "World War Two"

* = add 1-5 characters to the end of a word. Examples: Panda* finds panda and pandas. Inter* finds internal and internet.

3. Start broad

If you get too many results, you can always narrow your search terms later.