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Political Science: Legislative

Foundational Documents

U.S. Statutes at Large

KF50 .U5  (1st Floor)
1937 to present

Text of laws as passed by Congress and signed by the presidents

Congressional Record

Federal Docs  X1.1:  (3rd Floor)
1873 to present

Verbatim record of debates and actions in Congress

Find U.S. Laws

Also called "statutes," "acts," or "codes."  "Regulations" too have the force of law.

Congressional Documents Online

Legislative Histories

Or Search the Library Catalog for books on important acts:


  • Use an asterisk * to find varied word endings:  
    •  histor* finds history, histories, historian(s), historical, etc.
  • Use quotation marks to keep phrases together:
    • "civil rights" "legislative histor*"
  • To find E-Books & online documents, add "electronic resource" to your search:
    • "Title IX" "electronic resource"

About Congress

CQ Almanac

Ref JK1 .C749  (4th Floor)
1945 to present

Overview of Congressional actions & documents year-by-year since 1945.