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Data Management Services: Sharing & Archiving Your Data

This guide will assist Clemson researchers in managing their data, and includes information on creating Data Management Plans for funding agencies.

Discipline-Specific Data Repositories

A growing number of subject-specific repositories of research data exist.  Repositories vary in their restrictions on data depositing and access. The following two resources may be helpful in locating data repositories in your discipline:

Clemson's Institutional Repository

TigerPrints banner image

Clemson University Libraries are proud to present TigerPrints, an institutional repository (IR) of scholarly works from our university's students, faculty, and staff.

If more information on Clemson's IR is needed to create a Data Management Plan for a grant submission, please email CUdatamgmt@LISTS.CLEMSON.EDU.

Important Considerations:
Privacy, Confidentiality, and Intellectual Property

It's important to understand what obligations you as a researcher have to protect your subjects' rights, as well as to understand who has rights to the data you produce. 

Research involving human subjects requires prior approval and is subject to review and oversight by Clemson's Institutional Review Board. Restrictions may apply to managing and sharing research data.

The Clemson University Intellectual Property Policy (PDF) addresses ownership of research data or results created by an employee.