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Data Management Services: Data Management Plans

This guide will assist Clemson researchers in managing their data, and includes information on creating Data Management Plans for funding agencies.

DMP Review Service

The Libraries' Data Management Services Group is now offering to review drafts of data management plans before they must be turned in to the Office for Sponsored Programs.

We request a lead time of one (1) week; drafts can be sent to and will be kept confidential within our small team of librarians that are familiar with data management issues. If you have any questions about this service, please email the previously-mentioned list.

Funding Agency Guidelines

Funding agencies have different policies on what needs to be included in a Data Management Plan (DMP). Note that even if your funding agency does not require a data management plan, creating one will assist you in managing your research.  

The following resources will help you find DMP requirements by funding agency:

Need to write a Data Managment Plan?

The DMPTool can help you create ready-to-use data management plans for specific funding agencies: 

DMP Tool: Guidance & Resources for your Data Management Plan

DMPTool has many example plans from funding agencies - see the list here

Example Plans

Note: These sample plans may or may not be associated with successful grant applications. They are only included here to illustrate representative responses.

NSF (examples from DMPTool)