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Crusade & Conquest: Scholarly Articles & Book Reviews

Scholarly Journals

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Key Databases

The Libraries subscribe to more than 400 databases (searchable computerized files) that cover journal articles from every discipline. Here are some highlights for historical research:

An Important Printed Index

Look for Specialized Journals like these

Book Reviews

In many databases, adding the word "review" to a search for phrases from the book's title will find book reviews.

Other databases allow you to check a box or select reviews.

  • Academic Search Complete
    • on the initial page, choose Document Type "Book Review"
    • in the Advanced Search, check the Item Type box beside "Review"
  • Iter
    • in the Advanced Search, select Type of Work "Review"

Scholarly vs. Popular

Scholarly publications are meant to be read by specialists:

  • In-depth coverage of a narrow topic
  • Longer articles, usually divided into labelled sections
  • Illustrations are rare (often only tables & charts)
  • Author (s) with credentials & affiliations provided
  • References to previous research always included

Popular publications (like magazines) are designed for a broad audience:

  • General treatment of a topic
  • Short, easily accessible articles
  • Colorful pictures & ads
  • Author may not be identified
  • No footnotes or references included