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Crusade & Conquest: Books

Keep up with your Books

What if Clemson doesn't have the book I need?

If we don't have the item you need, we are glad to help current students, faculty, and staff borrow it from another institution for free! We also provide digital article delivery services for faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Find Books using Clemson's Library Catalog


  • Use an asterisk * to find varied word endings:  
    •  albigens* finds albigensian(s) and albigenses
  • Use quotation marks to keep phrases together:
    • "first crusade"
      • Look at full records to see standard search terms:
        • Crusades -- First, 1096-1099
        • Islam -- Relations -- Christianity
      • Use standard terms for primary sources:
        • crusades sources
        • Try an author search to find an historical person's writings:
          • Geoffrey, of Monmouth
          • Edward II
          • Joinville, Jean

              Books on the Crusades

              These are secondary sources. Look for evidence of scholarship:

              • Academic author
              • Published by a university or specialized press
              • Lengthy bibliographies
              • In-depth coverage

              Find Primary Sources in the Library Catalog

              Books sometimes contain primary sources.  Try adding terms like these to your search:

              • sources 
              • correspondence
              • diaries
              • "personal narratives"   

              Historical persons may be authors: comnena, anna

              Book Series

              Collections of printed & electronic books can be found by searching the catalog by title: