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HIST 3040 - Industrialism and the Progressive Era (Grant)

Government Publications as Primary Sources

Public records of governments are primary sources. 

  • Cooper Library is a depository for US Federal & SC state documents.
  • The Monthly Catalog of U. S. Government Publications, 1895-1976, permits searching of older documents
  • State documents & Federal documents issued since 1976 are listed in the library catalog.
  • Both collections are shelved on the 3rd floor of Cooper Library, with their own call numbering systems.

 Please contact a librarian for help with locating documents.

Magazines as Primary Sources

Popular publications such as magazines are primary sources.  Our library has bound print volumes & microfilms of many magazines from the late 19th & early 20th centuries forward.

Search for articles using these indexes (they generally don't include the full text of articles, but may link to other sources):

Archives & Historical Societies

Archives preserve the documents & records of an organization & may contain unique or rare items.  In general, they do not lend & have specific policies for using their facitilites, making copies, etc.