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Sexual Assault Resources: Home

Includes links and information to books, media, journals, and campus resources for those wanting to learn more about sexual assault.


This resource guide has been put together by Clemson University's Interpersonal Violence Response, Sexual Assault Awareness Month Committee (2023), and Clemson Libraries


This resource guide includes books, media, journals, and campus and local resources for students wanting to learn more about sexual assault.  


Content warning: Materials include references to sexual assault and trauma. Descriptions of resources are provided under the item or by hovering over the titles of books. Content may be triggering for some; proceed with discretion. Please see the Campus & Community Resources tab for more information on where you can get help if needed.


Digital Safety Tips

  • Click the "Press ESC to exit quickly icon" to your right to exit this page if your privacy or safety is compromised while accessing this page
  • In your preferred search engine, switch to “incognito mode” or "private mode" before accessing resources or information related to domestic violence
  • If browsing in “normal mode,” clear browser history after accessing related resources or information
  • In your phone’s settings, go to “location” to see what apps have access to information about your location. Turn location off or leave on based on your preferences

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