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Textbook Lending Program: Home


Program Overview


  • Textbooks are available for checkout at the Library Services Desk in Cooper Library. Loans are for 4 hours at a time. You may take the textbook out of the Library, or use textbooks for group study but it MUST be returned within 4 hours.
  • Students should also check their Course Resource Lists in Canvas to see if additional course readings are available through our library catalog.
  • Due to the nature of our textbook program, we are unable to provide individual electronic access to these titles.

CUSG & The Libraries

The Cooper Library Textbook Lending Program is a partnership between the Clemson University Libraries and Clemson Undergraduate Student Government.  

  • The program began in Fall 2019 and seeks to ease the burden of purchasing high-cost textbooks for Undergraduate students.
  • A total of $10,000 in funding from Libraries and Student Government is provided for the program each year. The Libraries purchase books each semester. Only required texts will be purchased.
  • Texts are selected for courses with high enrollment, high drop/fail rates, and large numbers of Pell Grant students. 
  • Some course textbooks may be available in the Libraries circulation collection or as an ebook. Search the Libraries website in the "Search for articles, books, and more" box for the textbook title to see if there is a copy.

Course Reserves

Course Reserves are physical items (books, media, manipulatives) or electronic content (PDFs, streaming video) by which instructors supplement their courses. Physical items are put on reserve at one of three library branches – Cooper Library, Education Media Center (EMC 212 Old Main), or Gunnin Architecture Library – and electronic content can be found in the Course Resource List module of your Canvas course.

Visit our Course Reserves page for more details. 

Fall 2022 Textbook List

ACCT 2010 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 9781264239290
ACCT 2020 Managerial Accounting 9781119577669
ACCT 3110 Intermediate Accounting, 10th ed. 


ASTR 1020 Openstax Astronomy: Book 1&2 9781938168284
BCHM 3050 Essential Biochemistry, 5th ed 9781119713203
BIOE 3470 Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems 0131569880
BIOL 1040 Campbell Biology, 10th ed 9780135269169
BIOL 1100/1110 Campbell Biology - Master 12th ed 9780135188743
BIOL 2230 Human Anatomy and Physiology, 11th ed


CH 1010/20 Chemistry: Atoms Focused, 3rd ed 9780393697384
CH 1050/60 Chemistry in Context, 9th ed 9781259638145
CHE 2110 Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes 9781119498636
COMM 2020 A First Look at Communication Theory 9781260091564
COMM 2500 Communication: Making Connections 9780134890371
COMM 3140 Aim for the Heart 9781506315256
CPSC 2310 Computer Systems: Programmers Perspective, 3rd ed 9780134092669
CPSC 3220 Operating Systems: Principles & Practice, 2nd ed 9780985673529
CU 1110 American Government 2e 9781593995768
CU 1110 Anatomy and Physiology 1&2 9781938168130
CU 1110 Concepts of Biology 9781938168116
CU 1110 Chemistry 1&2 9781947172623
CU 1110 Chemistry - Atoms First 1&2 9781947172647
CU 1110 Principles of Macroeconomics 9781947172388
CU 1110 Principles of Microeconomics 9781947172340
CU 1110 Principles of Management 9780998625768
CU 1110 Microbiology 1&2 9781938168147
CU 1110 Psychology 9781975076443
CU 1110 Introduction to Sociology 9781938168413
CU 1110 U.S. History 9781938168369
CU 1110 Introductory Statistics 9781938168208
ECE 2010 Digital Design, 6th ed 9780134549897
ECE 2020 Electric Circuits, 10th ed 9780133760033
ECE 2070 Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering 9780073529592
ECE 3200/3210 Microelectronic Circuit Analysis and Design, 4th ed


ECE 3800 Elements of Electromagnetics 9780190698614
ENGL 1030 Envision in Depth: Reading, Writing, & Researching Arguments 9780134679426
GEN 3000 Essentials of Genetics, 10th ed


GER 2010/2020 Denk Mal! 9781543304770
HON 2230 Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students 9780205175482
IE 3860 Production & Operations Analytics 9781478639268
MATH 1010 Using & Understanding Mathematics, 7th ed 9780134705187
MATH 1020 Lecture & Note Taking Guide, Calculus Concepts 9780357434741
MATH 1040 Just in Time Algebra and Trigonometry, 4th ed 9780321671035
MATH 1060 Calculus: Single Variable, 3rd Ed. 9780134769783
MATH 2080 Fundamentals of Differential Equations, 7th ed 9780321977106
ME 2010 Engineering Mechanics, 6th ed 9781307313239
ME 3120 Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, 6th ed 9781119128694
ME 3330 Theory and Design F/Mech, 7th ed 9781119723455
MGT 4230 Global Business Today 12e 9781264067503
MKT 3010 Principles of Marketing
MSE 2100 Material Science and Engineering: An Introduction, 10th ed 9781119463092
NURS 3040 Davis Advantage for Pathophysiology 9780803694118
NURS 3040 Porth's Essentials of Pathophysiology 9781975107192
POSC 1010 American Politics Today, 7th ed 9780393427684
PSYC 2010 Forty Studies That Changed Psychology 9780135705063
PSYC 2010 Psychological Science, 7th ed 9780393884586
PSYC 2010 Psychology, 8th ed 9781319015893
PSYC 2010 Psychology, 10th ed 9781429261784
RS 3010 Rural People and Communities in the 21st Century 9780745641287
SOC 2010 The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology 9780393887358
SOC 2010 Thirty Readings in Intro. Sociology 9780190277604
SOC 2010 The Sociology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained 9781465478542
SOC 3600 Social Inequality in a Global Age, 5th ed 9781483373973
SPAN 1010 Panorama, 6th ed 97811543312690
SPAN 3040 Aproximaciones al Estudia de la Literatura Hispanica 9780073385372
SPAN 3080 Latinoamerica: Presente y Pasado 9780205794263
SPAN 4990 The Medical Interpreter 9780996651738
STAT 2220 Statics: Concepts & Controversies, 10th ed. 9781319109028
STAT 3090 Discovering Business Statistics 9781935782872
STS 1010 Culture and Technology: A Primer, 2nd ed 9781433107757
THEA 3170 Black Theatre USA: Plays by African Americans v.1 068482308X
THEA 3170 Black Theatre USA: Plays by African Americans v.2 0684823071


Feedback & Suggestions

This program is in its infancy and we would like to assist you in your learning journey here at Clemson University. Please give us any helpful feedback or make suggestions if you:

  • don't see your book on the list
  • had trouble finding this page
  • are unclear about any rules pertaining to check-out policy

Contact our Open Educational Resources Librarian, Yang Wu, at for comments and suggestions, or fill out the Textbook Lending Suggestion form below!

We look forward to serving you and making your learning experience while at Clemson the best it can be. GO TIGERS!