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For the Department of Languages, including American Sign Language (ASL)

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This guide will help you find books, articles, foreign languages learning and other sources for study of foreign languages at Clemson.

Rosetta Stone Library Solution (via EBSCO) - contact Ed Rock for questions

(All information as supplied via EBSCO/Rosetta Stone)


See our guide.


Rosetta Stone How-To-Video includes information on deploying your microphone, enabling flash, etc.

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Rosetta Stone Library Solution FAQs

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Available Languages

Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dari, Dutch, English (American & British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Pashto, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America & Spain), Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese

Endangered/Critical Languages

Rosetta Stone has a program for some endangered languages like Chicasaw, Navajo and others, for  more information ask librarian Ed Rock. Also, check the next column.

System Requirements

In order to get your language-learning experience off to a strong start, it is important to ensure that your computer meets the Rosetta Stone® system requirements. To access a full description of these system requirements, click HERE.

Headset Requirements

Rosetta Stone® speech-recognition technology is a key element of our language-learning solution. In order to utilize this feature, you'll need a USB device equipped with a microphone: either a USB headset or USB earbuds.

For best results, the device should be certified for speech recognition, either by the vendor or a third party.

We recommend that it have a directional microphone and noise-cancellation capability. The microphone part of the device should easily adjust into a consistent position, one to two inches from the corner of your mouth.

Recommended Microphone

The recommended USB headset microphone listed here has passed Rosetta Stone quality-assurance tests for speech recognition. It's compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.





LifeChat LX-3000

Note: This microphone recommendation is based on laboratory testing. Computer systems and user environments may vary, which could impact microphone performance.