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Metrics: Understanding your Impact

This guide will assist researchers to articulate the impact of their works through the use of appropriate metrics. The positive and negative aspects of many common journal and article-level metrics are explored.

Increase your Impact by Sharing Openly Online

Research suggests that making a version of your work openly available online increases its impact. If you transferred your copyright in your work to your publisher, though, you may not have the rights to make the published version openly available online. However, there are solutions!

Accepted Manuscripts -- Many times, you can make the accepted manuscript of your work openly available online. This is the version that has been accepted for publication, so the content is the same as the published version, but it has not yet been formatted. Clemson Libraries are happy to investigate these permissions on your behalf.

Author Addenda -- Publication agreements are negotiable! This addendum ensures that you retain the right to make your work openly available online. 

TigerPrints: Sharing Clemson Scholarship with the World

Clemson University provides an online platform, TigerPrints, to help faculty and students share their research with the world. To include your work in TigerPrints, simply email the file and any pertinent information to Repository Coordinator, Kirstin O'Keefe: We'll take care of the rest.

Deposition also yields these benefits:


TigerPrints is designed to be highly attractive to Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines. In addition, it is publicly accessible across the globe to anyone with an Internet connection. Increased visibility and access to your work increases its impact. 


Depositing your work will ensure that it is permanently archived in Clemson University's institutional repository. Each item is archived on several geographically-isolated servers and receives a unique and stable URL. You may link to your work from any other website or send links to your colleagues without worry of broken URLs. 


You will receive a monthly usage report detailing the number of times each of your works was downloaded and an author dashboard provides you with search terms researchers used to find your works and downloads generated by referring websites, where applicable. 

Personal Web Page

We will also create a personal Selected Works page on your behalf. This page showcases your individual scholarship that you have included in TigerPrints. Please visit our Author Gallery for examples at Clemson.