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Foreign Languages: Help!

For the Department of Languages, including American Sign Language (ASL)

Google Tricks

  • Put quotation marks "  " around words that you want to search as a phrase
    Example: "building a compost container"
  • Use the minus sign (-) in front of a word you do not want to appear in your results
    Example: -football (if you are researching dolphins and do not want info about the team)
  • Add -com to your search to remove commercial sites from the results
  • Add site:edu to search college and university sites. You can use this site:command with any domain - .com, .gov - the s in "site" must be lower-case.
  • A plus + symbol in front of a word or phrase means it will definitely be in your results
    Example: +"bottlenose dolphin"

Tutorial Videos from 2012-2013

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