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Patents for Business Research: Patents by Company

Go to Google Patents - Start typing the name of the company (assignee). If google recognizes it as a company, it will automatically add the +assignee to search the assignee field. If not, just add it to the search.

Go to and click on "Quick Search." Enter the company's name, omitting any abbreviations such as Ltd., Corp., etc. Then change the field code to "Assignee Name" and click on "Search"

That will generate a list of patents assigned to that company - click on the title to view the full text of the patent

Assignment Data

Sometimes an invention gets assigned to a company (assignee) after the patent has been applied for, or even after it has issued. If so, the assignee will not appear on the face of the patent, nor will it be noted in the application and/or patent full-text database(s). The USPTO records this information (although it is not required), and assignee changes are available via the USPTO Patent Assignment Database.

USPTO Statistics by Organization