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Patent Searching, Advanced

Tutorial on Patent Basics and Patent Searching Below

The tutorial below contains basic information about patents as well as how to search for patents in a worldwide patent database called Espacenet.  This tutorial was made in the Spring of 2024 for a mechanical engineering class, but the patent searching strategies presented should be helpful in other subject areas.  Espacenet is one patents database; there are others that might be helpful to you as well, such as the USPTO's Patent Public Search (for US patents and published applications only), Google Patents, or The Lens.

Because inventions can be publicly disclosed in non-patent literature (journals, books, conference proceedings) as well as patents, consider broadening your prior art searches to these materials as well.  Please email me at or schedule an appointment with me (see box at bottom left) for individualized assistance.

Patent Basics and Patent Searching

NOTE:  The first seven minutes of this tutorial talks about patent basics.  If you want to skip ahead to the live patent searching demo, start the video at minute seven.