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Search for a journal

When you already know the title
Use this search box to search by title for publications in both print and electronic formats across all Clemson Libraries collections. Note: new titles appear regularly and may pop up in a catalog search before they make it to The List (below).

When you don't know the title

To identify a journal in your area of interest among Clemson's holdings:

  1. Go to the Clemson Libraries Catalog Basic Search page
  2. Select either "Keyword" or "Subject" in the first box. (Try the search both ways.)
  3. Enter your term(s) in the search box
  4. Use the dropdown menu on the right to limit your search scope to "Journals"

To identify journals in your area of interest, whether Clemson subscribes or not:

  1. Go to the WorldCat catalog (the link is on the Library homepage, beneath the search box)
  2. Select "Advanced search"
  3. Use the search boxes to enter keyword or subject terms (Click on the Scan indexicon to browse for already-indexed terms)
  4. Limit type to: Serial publications
  5. This will provide you with likely journal titles you can then use in all your other searches in the citation databases, in combination with your search terms.