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Material ConneXion

About the Material ConneXion Library

The Gunnin Architecture Library now features a materials library from Material Connexion!

Two hundred and five material samples are available for you to check out and use in your design work.

  • You can check out up to five materials at one time and keep them for two weeks. 

  • It is ok to pick them up and touch them! 

  • Feel free to take them out of the library and use them in the studio (after you check them out). 

Each material sample is affixed to a board that contains a QR code, a "family" designation of the material, and a brief description of the material. The QR code is linked to our subscription Material Connexion database. It contains more in-depth information on each of these items, plus many more. The QR code will take you directly to the item in the database. You might be prompted to sign in. Feel free to create your own account in the database. 

The material "families" are polymers, naturals, process, metals, glass, ceramics, cement-based, and carbon-based. Each sample is color-coded by material 'family'. Notice the green color in the sample above indicates that it is in the natural family. 

Within the database, materials can be filtered by:

  • availability
  • processing
  • sustainability
  • country
  • applications
  • impact resistance
  • customizations
  • feel
  • stiffness
  • structure
  • surface/texture
  • surface hardness
  • acoustics
  • and more!

Where are they located?

Walk straight into the library towards the tables and look to the right.  The samples are located on the shelves that face the windows. Some of the materials wrap around the shelf, so walk all the way around. 

How do you check them out? 

Take them to the information desk, use the self-checkout app on the information desk, or use the Clemson Libraries app! (To download the app, search for Clemson Libraries in your app store. It is also called Meescan.)