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Library Faculty Mentoring Program

Goals of the Mentoring Program

Our goal for 2023-2024 is to support the professional growth and development of newly hired tenure track and lecturer librarians. By connecting experienced library professionals as mentors, we aim to provide valuable guidance to help junior faculty navigate the faculty experience and the tenure and promotion process by:

  • Sharing knowledge about the Libraries, University, and profession

  • Creating a nurturing environment for newcomers to thrive in the Libraries

  • Addressing areas of interest or concerns they may have while working at the Libraries


A future goal is to assist associate librarians navigate their career post-tenure.

Benefits of Participation in a Mentoring Program

There are many benefits to participating in a mentoring program:

  • Practical on-the job advice

  • Career guidance

  • The opportunity to network

  • Contributes to your professional goals

  • Improved retention

  • Improved motivation

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