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BUS 1010 Resources

This guide will help BUS 1010 students evaluate online resources and explore career options

Career Exploration Websites

Example Google Searches

Example Google searches for articles and blogs could be:

When you are searching for career articles for a major you are considering: 

  • What are the best jobs for economics majors?
  • What is a management rotation program like?
  • How to become a Chief Marketing Officer?
  • What is the career path of a public accountant?
  • What is it like to be an Investment Banker?

When you are connecting the current week’s topic (major) to a major you are considering:

  • What kind of economic data do marketers need to know?
  • Why is it important to understand financial management as a Chief Executive Officer?
  • How are accounting and finance different?
  • How will marketers use accounting information?
  • Why is accounting the language of business?
  • How are economics and finance related?

Business Article Databases