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FindIt User Guide

FindIt is the library's main search interface and includes the Clemson Libraries catalog as well as a huge collection of citations for materials, including articles and book chapters. 

FindIt does not contain everything Clemson owns, and Clemson doesn’t own everything in FindIt, but we can get you almost anything.


  • This User Guide describes FindIt's system features. If you can't find the feature you're looking for, use the "search this guide" box at the top of the page. 
  • FindIt does not search the full-text of books and articles, though you find occasional exceptions.

If you would like search advice specific to your research topic, please Ask A Librarian.

Tour of FindIt

Tutorial - Finding a Journal

Tutorial - Finding a Book

Sign In and My Account

Sign In

Do this first. Why? Because you need to be signed in to:

  • Make and manage requests (pick up, Scan & Deliver, etc.)
  • See otherwise invisible articles
  • Save favorites
  • Save your personalized ranking preferences for articles

My Account

To renews items you have checked out as view well current requests, saved items, and other details, use the drop-down menu that appears next to your name once you have signed in.

Choose Your Search

Choose Articles, Books, & More if:

  • You want to explore the broadest variety of sources
  • Your topic is very interdisciplinary or very current
  • You already have the title of an article you want

Choose @Clemson Library if:

  • You want book-length treatments of a topic
  • You want to search Clemson Libraries' shelves
  • You need reliable filters for authors and subjects

Choose Databases if:

  • You want to do the most thorough search
  • You want to search a specific body of material
  • You need search functions FindIt doesn’t offer

Choose Journal Search if:

  • You want to find a journal by title
  • You want to browse journal articles within certain titles

Can we make the FindIt User Guide more helpful to you?