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Birds of a Feather: TCTC Learning Commons and Clemson Libraries for Bridge Students: Research

Outlines services, spaces, and collections that Bridge students can access at TCTC Learning Commons and Clemson Libraries.

Research & Critical Literacy

Research Support -- TCTC Learning Commons

Research is about discovery.  It’s a search for information and clear-eyed understanding that will help us better address a problem or an issue.  But it can be fraught with wrong turns and dead ends and rabbit holes.  So it helps to have a guide, and academic librarians, as professional researchers, can help you find your way.  At TCTC, research librarians are available throughout the working day via Chat, email, phone, or in-person.  Reach out to scheduled a consultation on your next research project.

Research Support - Clemson Libraries

Clemson Libraries has resources to support you with your research. Reach out to the librarians at Clemson Libraries through email, chat, text, or make an online consultation. For resources that have already been curated by subject librarians, check out the Research and Course Guides below.