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LibQUAL+ Survey

This guide explains the purpose of the nationally-normed library survey.

General Information

What is LibQUAL?

LibQUAL is a web-based survey that asks library users their minimum, desired, and perceived service levels in three dimensions: Library as Place, Information Control, and Affect of Service. Participating institutions may customize their disciplines and positions (user groups, i.e., undergraduate, graduate, etc.) as well as library branches.

What are the goals of LibQUAL?

The goals of LibQUAL are to:
  • Foster a culture of excellence in providing library service
  • Help libraries better understand user perceptions of library service quality
  • Collect and interpret library user feedback systematically over time
  • Provide libraries with comparable assessment information from peer institutions
  • Identify best practices in library service
  • Enhance library staff members' analytical skills for interpreting and acting on data

Since 2000, more than 1,340 libraries in 35 countries have participated in LibQUAL, including college and university, community college, health sciences, and academic law libraries. This growing community of participants and its extensive data set of more than one million completed surveys are rich resources for improving library services.

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