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Human Resource Development: Find Tests & Measures

Search the Web

Google Scholar is a great way to search for information about tests and measures. If you're on-campus, many times you will be able to link directly to the article. If you're off-campus, you'll need to copy and paste the title of the JOURNAL not the ARTICLE into the library catalog to see if we have a subscription.

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Google Scholar Search

Reviews of Commercial Tests

AKA "Buros"This database provides a guide for evaluating over 2,500 testing instruments. Provides complete text of test reviews from 1985 9th edition through current edition

Test Critiques
Cooper Library Reference Books
BF176 .T419
Volumes 1-11

These are still only available in print, but are a valuable collection of test reviews, if you have an older test or measure (1984-2005)


Finding tests and measures in dissertations

The quickest and most successful path to finding copies of surveys and questionnaires is in the appendices of dissertations.  The Libraries subscribe to the Global Dissertation database from ProQuest.

Include the words "test," "survey," or "questionnaire" in your search. For example:

procrastination and (test or survey or questionnaire)
social network* and college students and (test or survey or questionnaire)

If the results are enormous, use Refine Search to limit the search terms to the Citation and abstract (so that a survey/questionnaire would have to have been mentioned in the abstract/title.)

Choose a likely title, click on the PDF of the dissertation and go all the way to the end to scan the appendices for relevant tests and measures.


Finding tests and measures in books

There are dozens of books in the Clemson collection with copies of "fair use" tests and measures. Most of these can be searched in an index at a Texas library:

The easiest way to search this database is to search Google. Use the search: TOPIC "compilation volumes"

For example:

Procrastination "compilation volumes"

The result is a list of items like this:

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Fischer Corcoran 1994
Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests Available in Compilation Volumes..... Procrastination assessment scale (student)
(The name of the test is Procrastination assessment scale (student))

If that looks interesting, click on the link, which takes you to the page describing the book where the test is located

Fischer J & Corcoran K (1994). Measures for clinical practice: A sourcebook. 2nd Ed. (2 vols). New York: Free Pr. [331 fulltext instruments]
UTA location & call number: Central Library, BF 176 .C66 1994

Don't necessarily trust the call numbers since they are for the University of Texas, Arlington. Look up the title of the book in Clemson's catalog.

Personality measures

Finding a questionnaire for a personality trait or other "individual difference" measure

The easiest way to find measures for these types of constructs is the Index of IPIP Scales

The International Personality Item Pool is an online collection of valid and reliable public domain tests. Users look up a trait and then are given a short list of items that have been shown to discriminate levels of that construct. Add a Likert scale to the items and you have a questionnaire.

Frequently asked is how to cite the IPIP. The answer is:

International Personality Item Pool: A Scientific Collaboratory for the Development of Advanced Measures of Personality Traits and Other Individual Differences ( Internet Web Site.