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PO SC 4360: Law, Courts & Politics: Legislative Process

Online Congressional Sources

Legislative Histories

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Congressional Documents in Printed Volumes

For an overview of Congressional actions & documents year-by-year

Congressional Quarterly Almanac
[1945 – present]
Reference JK1 .C749 - 4th floor

Verbatim record of debates & actions in Congress

Congressional Record
[Grant forward, 1873 – ]
Fed Docs X 1.1: congress - 3rd floor

Text of laws as passed by Congress & signed by the presidents

United States Statutes at Large
KF50 .U5 - 1st floor

South Carolina Legislative Sources Online

CQ Almanac

1945 to present. Reference JK1 .C749 (4th Floor)

Congressional Record


1873 to present. Call number:  X1.1:  (3rd Floor)

U.S. Statutes at Large


1937 to present. Call number:  KF50 .U5  (1st Floor)