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Textbook Reserve Program: Home

overview of pilot program to provide access to textbooks; includes list of textbooks available this semester

Program Overview

The Cooper Library Textbook Reserve Program is a pilot project between the Clemson University Libraries and Undergraduate Student Government.  

  • Length of pilot - August 2019 through May 2020
  • Total of $10,000 in funding from Libraries and Student Government
  • Funding split into 2 semesters - Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
  • Items are rented from B&N Bookstore and will not be added as a permanent part of the collection.
  • Texts were selected based on those classes with 100 or more students enrolled.
  • Class texts were then analyzed and the highest priced texts were pulled from greatest cost to least to fill the $5000 budget. (Obviously, not all were selected. We stopped when we hit $5000.)

Check out a Textbook

Visit the Library Services Desk at Cooper Library and ask for your textbook by course number.  

Check out rules apply:

  • Two hour loan
  • Library use only

Courses and Textbooks Available THIS Semester

Course Course # Title Edition ISBN
ACCT 3220 Accounting Information Systems 14th 9780134474021
BCHM 4400 Introduction to Bioinformatics 4th 9780199651566
BIOL 4410 Ecology 4th 9781605356181
BIOL 3150 Human Anatomy  5th 9781259285271
CE 3520 Engineering Economic Analysis 14th 9780190931919
CH 1050 Chemistry in Context 9th 9781259638145
CPSC 2310 Arm Assembly Language: Fundamentals and Techniques 2nd 9781482229851
CPSC 3600 Computer Networking  7th 9780133594140
ECE 2020 Electric Circuits 10th 9780133760033
ECE 2010 Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals 4th 9780131989269
ECE 3200 Microelectronics: Circuit Analysis and Design 4th 9780073380643
ECE 2070 Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering 6th 9780073529592
ECON 3140 Intermediate Microeconomics and its Application 12th  9781133189022
ECON 3150 Macroeconomics 4th 9780393603767
ECON 2110 Modern Principles: Microeconomics 3rd 9781429278416
ED 1050 Foundations of Education 13th 9781305500983
EDC 8050 Clinical Mental Health Counseling 5th 9780134385556
EDC 8100 Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy 10th 9781305263727
EDLT 8110 Literature and the Child 9th 9781305668843
ENGL 1030 Envision in Depth  4th 9780134713816
ENGL 3970 Norton Anthology of English Literature 10th 9780393603132
ENGL 3140 Practical Strategies for Technical Communication 3rd 9781319104320
ENGL 3150 Writing in the Sciences 3rd 9780205616718
FIN 3070 Real Estate Principles 5th 9780077836368
GC 1030 Adobe Design Collection Revealed:Adobe Indesign CS8 15th 9781305263611
GC 1030 Graphic Communications 6th 9781631268762
HLTH 2020 Introduction to Public Health 5th 9781284089233
IE 6560 Designing and Managing the Supply Chain 3rd 9780073341521
IE 4650 Facilities Planning 4th 9780470444047
IE 3800 Operations Research 4th 9780534380588
IE 3010 Product Design and Development 6th 9780078029066
IE 4820/6820 Simulation Modeling and Arena 2nd 9781118607916
LAW 3220 Legal Environment of Business 12th 9781285428222
MATH 3020 Engineering Statistics 4th 9780471735571
ME 4030 Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems 8th 9780134685717
ME 3030 Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics 7th 9780470495902
ME 2030 Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics 8th 9781118412930
ME 2030 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics  8th 9781119080701
ME 3060/3070 Mechanical Engineering Design (Shigley's) 11th 9781260407648
ME 3050 System Dynamics 3rd 9780073398068
ME 2220 Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements 6th 9781118881279
MGT 3170 Matching Supply With Demand 3rd 9780073525204
MGT 3170 Supply Chain Management 6th 9780133800203
MKT 4310 Marketing Research 8th 9780134167404
NURS 8220 Clinical Guidelines in Family Practice 5th 9780964615199
NURS 4100 Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing 8th 9780132814546
NURS 8220 Family Practice Guidelines 4th 9780826177117
NURS 3230 Gerontological Nursing 3rd 9780132956314
NURS 4030 Introduction to Critical Care Nursing 7th 9780323377034
NURS 8040 Nursing Theorists and Their Work 9th 9780323402248
NURS 4030 Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need 9th 9781496377234
NURS 3400 Pharmacology for Nurses 6th 9780135218334
NURS 3050 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 9th 9780803660540
NUTR 2050 Nutrition and Diet Therapy 9th 9781305110403
PHYS 1220 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 17th 9781305259836
PRTM 2200 Kraus' Recreation and Leisure 11th 9781284106817
PRTM 2270 Leisure Services Management 2nd 9781492557111
PSYC 3240 Brain and Behavior 3rd 9781412981682
PSYC 2030 How to Think Straight About Psychology 11th 9780134478623
PSYC 3090 Statistics for Psychology  6th 9780205905928
STAT 2220 Statistics: Concepts and Controversies 9th 9781464192937
WS 1030 Women Across Cultures 3rd 9780073512334

Why isn't MY textbook on the list?

Textbooks were selected based on cost and number of students enrolled (100+).  We started with the books that cost the most and worked our way down the list until we maxed our budget.  If you'd like to see more books added to the collection, please fill out our survey and voice your support of this program.

Each semester textbook selections may change based on your suggestions, courses offered and enrollment, and availability of textbooks.