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Open & Alternative Educational Resources: Why "Open"?

A guide for finding openly licensed textbooks, publicly-available databases, and other educational resources

Image: OER Logo from UNESCO

Where do I start?

The Clemson Libraries and Clemson Online are bringing Open Educational Resources (OER) to campus. Use this guide to discover Open content. For help with implementation and pedagogy, visit this link:

Quick Links

Spectrum of Open/Alternative Resources

openly licensed to free online to library material


Did you know?

Students report that the cost of required textbooks have caused them to:

  1. Not purchase the required textbook (63.6%)
  2. Take fewer courses (49.2%)
  3. Not register for a specific course (45.1%)
  4. Earn a poor grade (33.9%)
  5. Drop a course (26.7%)
  6. Fail a course (17%)

But there's another way. We can enhance student success and retention by using Open Educational Resources (OER)--openly licensed materials that are free for students.

But it's not just about the money...