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Hon 2210: Environmental Literature (Pierce)

Search tips

  1. Most databases like simple searches, so start by using three elements: author's last name, title of work, and a term or terms that reflect(s) your topic.
  2. Use the wildcard symbol to allow for alternate word endings:  existential* will find existential, existentialism, and existentialist(s).
  3. Put multiple-word titles in quotation marks so they will be searched as a phrase, rather than as individual words: "romeo and juliet".
  4. Use synonyms and related terms, putting the word or between each term: magic* or sorcer* or witch*.
    (Note: we have online thesauri and dictionaries to help you find them.)
  5. Start with a narrow search, but be willing to broaden it if you don't get the kind of results you want.

    • If your topic is Juliet as an Eve figure, first try the search

      juliet and eve and "romeo and juliet"

    • If you don't get results, make your search more general
    • "romeo and juliet" and eve
      eve and shakspeare and traged*
      eve and shakespeare

Help with MLA style