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ENGL/WS 4360/6360: Feminist Literary Criticism (Goss)

Where to start

In describing the list of critical sources you are to turn in related to your final essay, Dr. Goss notes that said list "should be as exhaustive as possible."  Here are resources to help you identify those critical sources:

  • In the CU Libraries online catalog, do a subject search on your author to see if we own critical texts on the primary text you've chosen.
    • Change Any field to Subject and type the author's name in lastname firstname order:  ex. woolf virginia
  • If you do not see any ot the above categories and/or there were no or few results on your author with a subject search, try a keyword search using the title of the work (in parentheses if more than one word) and the author's last name:  hurston "mules and men"
  • You can also add the term bibliograph* to your subject search on the author and choose the most recently-published title.  Author bibliographies gather together the most important works by and about that author and his/her work