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Patent Searching, Advanced: Download Patents

Download patents into RefWorks

USPTO Bulk Downloads

Google and the USPTO have entered into an agreement to make the following USPTO products free to the public:

Patents (grants, applications, assignments, classification information, and maintenance fee events)

Trademarks (grants, applications, assignments, and TTAB proceedings)

Google is hosting this data unchanged, except for repackaging into zip files.

Download patents into bibliographic management systems

Here are instruction on how to do this from Espacenet using zotero. Not all databases let you download to Bibliographic Management software.

  • Go to Espacenet
  • Use Firefox and install Zotero Here is a guide on how to work with Zotero
  • do your search, then use the Zotero folder button in the URL, and select the citations you want to download.
  • Add them to the Zotero library, then in the Zotero area of Firefox, select the citations, right-click and choose "Export Selected Items"
  • Be sure to change the export format to RIS.
  • Go to Endnote, then File/Import
  • Choose the file, and make sure the Import Options is set to RIS.
  • Do the import - they should come in correctly as patents.
  • Another way to do this is to open pdf and import the pdf's to Mendeley which is another bibliographic management system.

Download Individual Patents

Download patent data
into Excel