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Patent Searching, Advanced: Search by USPC

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Patents are not currently classified using the United States Patent Classification (USPC).  Use this ONLY when searching for patents issued prior to 2015.

Our invention - a Baseball Glove

baseball glove labeled patent diagram

Searching by Class/Subclass

Once you have determined the proper class/subclass, you can search the full-text database to find relevant patents.

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Index to the Manual of Classification

Begin with this alphabetical subject index to the Manual of Classification. Look up common terms describing the invention and its function, effect, end product, structure and use.  Note class and subclass numbers. Understand any symbols or abbreviations listed in the Preface (PDF).

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For example, click on the letter B to go to the B section of the Index in HTML

Then press the Control and F keys, and type the word baseball in the find in page box.

Full Title

This view shows that baseball gloves are part of class 2, and indented under the MAIN LINE Subclass 455, GUARD OR PROTECTION.

There are two dots in front of the term, so in order to use this subclass, the invention must be protection for Hand or arm.  (For example, you could not use this for shin guards for baseball players).



16         .Hand or arm

19         ..Baseball Gloves

Classification Definition

 of Patents for class 2 subclass 16]    16   Hand or arm:
  This subclass is indented under subclass 455.  Devices designed to guard or protect the hand or arm.


158, 159+ and 170, for other hand coverings.


294,  Handling: Hand and Hoist-Line Implements,   subclass 25 for hand and finger attachments designed to facilitate the handling of material and articles.
 of Patents for class 2 subclass 19]    19   Baseball gloves:
  This subclass is indented under subclass 16.  Devices comprising gloves for use in playing baseball.


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