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American Sign Language: DVDs, Sites, & Videos

For the Department of Languages [Note: This guide does link to some video portions with no audio]

DVDs On ASL & Deaf Culture

DVD Video: "Through Deaf Eyes"

Through Deaf EyesSee the documentary Through Deaf Eyes.

This program explores nearly 200 years of deaf life in America and presents a broad range of perspectives on what it means to be deaf. The film is propelled by the personal stories of people, both eminent and ordinary, and sheds light on events that have shaped deaf lives: the creation of schools for deaf students; the debate over American Sign Language; the campaign for a deaf-friendly telephone: the TTY; and the fight for a deaf president at Gallaudet University.

Available for check-out as a DVD.

See YouTube For ASL Videos

ASL on Rob Nielson's YouTube Channel:

© by Rob Nielson of Westwood ASL. Visit for more videos or search YouTube for "byufanatic". Used with permission.


ASL Learning Sites With Some Free Content (Others By Purchase)

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