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Public Administration: Books/E-Books

Resources for graduate research on government management & decision-making

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  2. Select Check Out Books from the Clemson Libraries

What if Clemson Doesn't Own the Book I Want?

Search the Catalog for Specific Topics


  • A keyword search finds records with all the words you entered
    • agencies management
    • Tip: Use "quotation marks" to search for exact phrases
      • "public administration" "case studies"
  • To find eBooks, add "electronic books" to your search
    • budgeting "electronic books"
  • To eliminate federal documents from results, choose Cooper (not fed docs) instead of View Entire Collection

Discovering Books beyond the CU Libraries

The bibliographies of books & articles, as well as online booksellers' websites (, Barnes & Noble, etc.), are all good sources of book information.  Other places to look:

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