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Open & Alternative Educational Resources: Why "Open"?

A curated collection of free, publicly-available databases and other educational resources

Image: OER Logo from UNESCO

Open Access Journals & Databases

This guide will also help you find openly licensed research and public databases in your field. Use the links below to explore general databases or navigate to your subject area using the tabs above:

Spectrum of Open/Alternative Resources

openly licensed to free online to library material

Did you know?

Students report that the cost of required textbooks have caused them to:

  1. Not purchase the required textbook (63.6%)
  2. Take fewer courses (49.2%)
  3. Not register for a specific course (45.1%)
  4. Earn a poor grade (33.9%)
  5. Drop a course (26.7%)
  6. Fail a course (17%)

But there's another way. We can enhance student success and retention by using Open Educational Resources (OER)--openly licensed materials that are free for students.

But it's not just about the money...

Where do I start?

The Clemson Libraries and Clemson Online are joining forces to bring Open Educational Resources (OER) to campus. Use this guide to discover OER and related content. For help with implementation and pedagogy, go to:

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