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Free Databases & Educational Resources: Intro

A curated collection of free, publicly-available databases and other educational resources

Did you know?

In their academic careers, students report that the cost of required textbooks caused them to:

  1. Not purchase the required textbook (63.6%)
  2. Take fewer courses (49.2%)
  3. Not register for a specific course (45.1%)
  4. Earn a poor grade (33.9%)
  5. Drop a course (26.7%)
  6. Fail a course (17%)

How we can help

We could help enhance student success and retention by shifting to Open Educational Resources-- or by creating our own course materials. This guide provides suggested open educational resources (OERs) by subject area. Our librarians do not profess to be experts on all subjects, so please feel free to offer feedback on the quality and relevance of the resources suggested.

Please remember to acknowledge sources as required by the item's sharing license. See below for links that can assist with this topic.