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Advanced Features of the Database

To create a search alert in Engineering Village:

  1. Go to Engineering Village and register for a free account.
  2. To set an RSS alert, click the "RSS feed" button on the search results screen, and copy the link that appears to the RSS reader to which you subscribe.


  1. Go to Engineering Village and register for a free account.
  2. View your Search History at the bottom of the Quick Search screen.
  3. Combine searches you would like grouped together using the "Combine Searches" box.
  4. Save your search or create an email alert by checking the appropriate boxes on the right of the screen.

Keyword Search Tips

Keyword searching (generally) works best for finding articles in Engineering Village. If you get too many results, try limiting to a controlled vocabulary term - there is a facet on the left side of the screen. 

  • connect synonyms with the word or to get more results

 (co-digestion  or codigestion)

  • combine keywords or phrases with the word and to help limit and focus your results:

 leachate and recirculation

  • put quotes around phrases "methane yield"
  • truncate terms to get all possible endings

produc*  (finds produce, produces, product, production, etc.)

Put it all together:

(co-digestion or codigestion) and produc* and biogas and "methane yield"

If the article isn't available full-text in the database, we might still have it

Click on the Search for Article button and follow the links to an electronic or print version of the article


Go to the Journal Title Search link on the Libraries’ Research webpage to do a search in the Library's catalog.

Follow the links to the article/journal, paying close attention to the available dates.